Customer Support

We are Real Estate investors first. We have skip traced millions of records over the past few years and have streamlined the process to find the best data at the lowest possible prices and we extend that to our customers.

We always recommend cold calling. However there are several other ways to contact your prospects!

Please contact ​​ and they will take care of you.

You will receive the owners full name, preferred mailing address, up to 5 phone numbers, and the best email for that individual.

We source our data from the most reputable sources out there, but even still not every individual has phone numbers and/or email addresses linked to them.

With our 3 touch filtering system, we append and verify the data before it’s delivered, making sure you aren’t spending time and money on information you don’t need!

We bill based on the number of records searched, not on results returned.

We are the fastest in the industry with most results returned within 24 hours

Fill out the template with as much data as you have. Filter out LLC & LLP.

Our minimum order is 50 records.

Pricing & Support

Volume discounts. We skip trace millions of records and we extend our volume discounts to you!


Once you submit your order our vendors process it immediately. We do not offer refunds.

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